If you keep being directed back to the login page after already logging in, your browser is not configured to accept cookies.

In order to access your account information, you must have a browser that is able to accept cookies. If you use either Internet Explorer or Netscape, your browser will accept cookies but is not currently configured to accept them. To change your browser setting, please follow the instructions below:

For Internet Explorer 6.0 and above:
  You can configure your privacy settings in Internet Explorer 6 by clicking Internet Options on the Tools menu, and then clicking the Privacy tab. Click on Advanced on the Privacy tab. You can use the Advanced Privacy Settings dialog box to configure first-party cookies to Accept with a check box to always allow session cookies.

For Internet Explorer 4.0 and 5.0:
 1.In Internet Explorer, click Internet Options on the Tools menu (or View menu in Internet Explorer version 4.x).
 2.In Internet Explorer 5, click the Security tab, and then click Custom Level. Click 'Enable' or 'Prompt' under Allow cookies that are stored on your computer.
In Internet Explorer 4.x, click the Advanced tab, and then click 'Prompt Before Accepting Cookies' or 'Always Accept Cookies'.
 3.Click 'OK' until you return to Internet Explorer.
 4.If you select the 'Prompt Before Accepting Cookies' option and you still cannot access the Web page, follow the steps in method 1 again and select the 'Always Accept Cookies' option (in Internet Explorer 5, the 'Enable' option).

For Netscape Browsers:
  1.From the Edit menu, select Preferences.
  2.Click Advanced.
  3.Click to select the box labeled Accept All Cookies.
  4.Click OK.