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General Questions
Can someone from the WineBOSS team come to my cellar and inventory my wines?
Does WineBOSS share my personal or cellar information with anyone else?
I have my inventory in another cellar managment software system or website. Can I transfer that information directly to your site?
What is WineBOSS?
What is the difference between editing a bottle of wine and editing the purchase details of a wine?
Does WineBOSS purchase or sell wine?
How do I change the name or location of my wine cellar?
Is WineBOSS appropriate for retailers, warehouses, wineries, or restaraunts?
Can other people view my tasting notes?
What if I don't remember the purchase details of all my wines?
Has the WineBOSS team planned any upgrades?
Are my purchase prices included in the graphs?
Can other people view my cellar contents?
What if I do not live in the United States, can I use your services?
Can I save images of bottles or labels for my inventory?
What if my browser does not accept cookies?
Does WineBOSS store wines for its users?
Is there a limit on the number of tasting notes I can record?

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